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War Mahjong Game

War Mahjong Game For fans of military themes Mahjong developers have created a new version - War Mahjong Free Game. Visually the puzzle differs from the classic one, but the aim of the game is the same - to remove all the tiles from the field.

How to play?

The game is represented by several layers - you can open the bottom row only after the top one. You need to connect two identical tiles, after which the system automatically removes them from the field. As soon as the player removes the dice from the bottom layer, a free space is formed, after which it is filled with other cards. This action creates a combo effect.

Once the player has performed several cascades, then he gets a bonus - bombs. As a result, more dice are removed from the field, which definitely leads to a win.

Bombs are for situations when there are no matches left on the field - using the bonus, any card can be removed.

You also need to take into account that War Mahjong Free Game involves an element of competition. The opponent is the computer or another player. Winning remains for the one who gets the highest score. Therefore, it is important to pay maximum attention, work out a strategy to make the right decision to win.

Features and advantages of the game

A puzzle with a military theme is impossible to confuse with another game. It has distinctive features:

  • Symbols - all dice have images related to the theme: weapons, masks and other.
  • Process - remove identical cards from two pieces. At the same time they should be placed next to each other.
  • Strategy selection - you need to combine as many identical tiles as possible to earn points and bombs.
  • Several levels of difficulty - once the player passes the first round, then you can proceed to the second, more difficult one.

Start the game and compete with other users - the winnings will be yours.

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Control: by mouse


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