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Tile Connect

Tile Connect

One pleasant way to pass the time

is to solve the puzzle game Tile Connect Pair Matching. The game is based on the classic Mahjong, but the similarities end there.

The goal of the puzzle is to clear the field of tiles using pair cards. Otherwise, the game is different - it has a unique design, which allows to interest gamers.

How to play?

The game has a pleasant design - unobtrusive background, quiet music and quick hints make Tile Connect Pair Matching in demand among both adults and children. All the cards are designed in bright colours, with clearly drawn figures - it's hard to make a mistake with the choice here.

The puzzle does not have classic hieroglyphics, as in Mahjong, which greatly simplifies the game. However, the puzzle is characterised by its peculiarities and rules. It also has the name ‘connect two cards’. To distinguish the game with cards from the classic Mahjong is not difficult - there are many differences:


In Tile Connect Pair Matching you have to remove identical tiles until the field is completely empty. Initially, the system offers to go through a trial level, where all actions take place with a hint. This shows how to connect tiles correctly, and what moves are considered unacceptable.

  • Only connect paired cards.
  • Avoid three or more turns - such a move is counted as an incorrect move.
  • Use hints: magnifying glass - to suggest a move, arrows - to shuffle if there are no open cards left.
  • On the second level a timer appears - the player has a limited time to pass.
  • With each new level changes the images on the cards, and the game itself becomes more complex.

The tiles have images of fruits and other food. The puzzle encounters include grapes and pineapple, pizza and sweets, chocolate and donuts. Go through the game and earn points on levels to become the leader among users.

Control: by mouse


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