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Three Dimensional Mahjong online game

Three Dimensional Mahjong online gameUsually, in mahjong games, you are dealing with flat tiles with various patterns on them stacked on top of each other. In this case, you will have to disassemble various volumetric pyramids consisting of cubes. In the Three Dimensional Mahjong game you will find a real 3D mahjong. So a player has to disassemble them by removing paired tiles. There are various designs on the tiles. You need to disassemble the large construction by removing two tiles with the same pictures on them.

How to play?

You should remember that only exposed tiles can be selected and removed from the playing field. Because the figures are 3D, some tiles cannot be seen at once. In this case, you need to rotate the figures, which consist of them to see all the matching items using special arrows. To do this, use the arrows on the screen or the left/right keys. If there are no moves left, use the special icon and shuffle all the tiles.

This will allow you to find paired tiles if you have already found one with the same picture on the visible edge. During the game, you need to keep track of the timer. Because if your time runs out, you will not be able to complete the level. The time for completing the level is limited, but you can win bonus time. Periodically remove tiles from the playing field and the timer gives you some bonus time, which will be added to your account. If you disassemble mahjong quickly, you may not see the movement of time on the timer scale.

If you choose the wrong direction of the game, at a certain moment you will come to a dead-end, which means that no more tiles can be moved and you will have to replay. But when everything goes well, it's nice to think of yourself as a strategist and tactician.

Control: by mouse


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