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Simple Mahjong online gameYou can choose one from the 36 variant of the structures. This Chinese mahjong game with hints is as useful as possible for adults and understandable for children. Time to play Simple Mahjong masterfully. Relax, take a look at the playing field and while collecting pairs, do not be distracted by a time limit. Many different layouts and unlimited hints are waiting for you.

How to play?

The goal is to clear the game board by connecting pairs of open tiles. In some cases, the tiles do not have to be the same. For example two coins or a pair of bamboo sticks. But they are still considered as pairs by theme. For example two of the four tiles "seasons" summer and spring or different types of flowers.

According to the classic rules of mahjong, you can connect pairs with at least one free side. If you look at the mahjong tower from top to bottom, you can see many open tiles. But, only the outermost of them are available as well as those in the highest tier.

The peculiarity of the game Simple Mahjong is the use of a special scoring scheme. You can play without time, but with an eye on the timer, you get the highest score. Also the strong point of Simple Mahjong in the variety of towers. After completing all the levels, you can choose from 150 layouts, whether they are zodiac signs, letters, outlines of animals or flowers.

The most interesting thing in the game is that all the tiles are initially laid out randomly. This is done to prevent the player from completing the round easily.

Control: by mouse


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