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Play Mahjong Online for FreeFree Mahjong Online шs a great option to keep your brain sharp. The game will make you strain your logic and attentiveness.

There are 144 tiles on the field at the same time. Try to find all the identical pairs and meet the minimum time!

How to play?

The principle of entertainment remains unchanged. The user needs to find and combine all the same tiles. Images are divided into 7 categories:

  • dots;
  • bamboo;
  • symbols;
  • wind;
  • dragons;
  • seasons;
  • flowers.

Only identical images can be grouped. Be careful - even a small difference in the picture will not allow the game to count your choice. The field of tiles is multi-layered, which means that each new layer gives you access to more elements.

At the beginning of the game will not be easy, because only a limited number of images are available. The tactic is to get to the next layers faster. How to do this depends only on the player and his logic!

Game Rules

Time is not taken into account in Free Mahjong Online. At the bottom of the screen is an indicator of the number of tiles available. It shows how many moves the player can make.

As in regular Mahjong, you can only select the same elements. Tiles with images of seasons and colours are special. They can be matched with other elements, even if the images do not match.

Also remember:

  • only tiles with at least one free side may be selected;
  • you must not mark elements that are covered by other elements;
  • free sides are counted along the horizontal line of the tiles.

For example, an element has two free vertical sides. It cannot be selected. However, a tile with one unoccupied face horizontally is already available for grouping.

Develop your logical thinking and attentiveness skills with Free Mahjong Online.

Control: by mouse


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