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Pet Connect online game

Pet Connect online gameWith luck, the animals will find each other and run away from the playing field. At each level of the online mahjong Pet Connect, you have to break a certain number of tiles, which will allow you to release all the animals. But this needs to be cranked up quickly, before the time runs out. If this happens, it will not be possible to save anyone at all.

The level is considered passed if there are no animals left on the playing field. As you progress through the game, the difficulty of the levels will increase: the number of animals and their varieties will be changed.

How to play?

To pick up a pair of tiles, you should choose this way. There shouldn't be any obstacles between them that would force the imaginary line connecting them to turn more than twice. Otherwise, the tiles will not be able to connect. Two tools will help the player - Hints and Shuffle. The first will show you the best way to go. And the second will put the tiles in a more advantageous position for the player. With each level there will be more types of animals that need to be saved. Although it will not add much time. Hurry is highly recommended. In case of difficulty, you can use the hint. The game perfectly develops logical thinking and observation. You can not only have fun, but also test your brain.

You don't have to wait for the two tiles to connect. If they do not interfere with other moves, you can immediately make them. Solitaire is not difficult, but the hints are best to be kept safe. It is much more convenient to play in full screen. This way you can see beautiful graphics and animals better. How many levels can you complete?

Control: by mouse


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