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Pet Connect 2 online game

Pet Connect 2 online gamePlease select at least 3 animals. Release the mouse button to find a match. Every 6th animal will give you a bonus. More than 7 animals will give you a time bonus. Collect the required animals in the allotted time, otherwise you will lose the game.

How to play?

On the playing field you can see many square tiles with images of various animals. On the tiles of this mahjong, various cartoon animals are depicted, and they are quite small, which somewhat complicates such a method of parsing as full coverage of the table. Nevertheless, the pictures and animals on them are quite "readable" and you can easily find the same ones. And this is exactly what we have to do here.

Your task is to find two or more identical tiles, standing next to each other or located in such a way that to connect them you will need to draw no more than three straight lines. It may sound difficult, but it's easy to figure it out in practice.

So, you need to connect a crocodile with a crocodile, a giraffe with a giraffe, a hippopotamus with a hippopotamus, a zebra with a zebra - connect pairs until you remove all the tiles. By the way, the game is against the clock, which tends to end quickly. Hurry up!

The game belongs to the varieties of flat and requires the most complete cleaning of the gaming table from tiles. Time is running out! Can you pair up all these cute animals? They are waiting for you in this adorable online version of the classic mahjong board game.

Control: by mouse


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