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Microsoft Mahjong online gameThe game has three difficulty levels and several graphic backgrounds.

The Microsoft Casual Games development team has unveiled an updated version of the classic Microsoft puzzle game Mahjong. There's a reason to look at the tiles and invigorate the brain. The game has become a universal app, so you can hone your skills both on your computer and on your Windows 10 mobile device.

Microsoft Mahjong has been updated specifically for Windows 10. It has new daily tasks that allow you to collect points throughout the month and compete with friends. You will spend many hours on three levels of difficulty, sorting through the tiles in 40 puzzles, including 20 new ones. There are three different skins available to players that will surely delight the eye. The improved system of undoing moves gives players the ability to correct mistakes made during the game.

How to play?

Choose from three available difficulty levels. Examine the playing field and find the closest pairs of tiles. Move adjacent tiles so that two identical tiles are next to each other. Clear the playing field by doing as few actions as possible in the minimum amount of time and get the maximum number of points. You can undo up to three unsuccessful moves in a row to complete the game with maximum efficiency.

This is a fun and quirky version of the classic board game. Daily quests will help you improve your skills, while various rewards, themes and other interesting features will refresh your experience. You can disassemble the tiles while enjoying the magnificent majestic garden or right in outer space. Convenient statistics will help you track victories, defeats and progress.

Control: by mouse


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