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Play Mahjongg Solitaire Tiles free online game

Play Mahjongg Solitaire Tiles free online gameThis exciting free online Mahjongg SolitaireTiles game will make anyone to play it persistently and for a long time. For all its simplicity it captivates with its diversity. You can play with several different figures of knuckles and customize the background. The point of this game is to remove all the chips from the field completely just pairing them together.

How to play?

Traditionally, you need to make pairs of exactly the same chips for Mahjongg to remove them from the playing field. But there are some restrictions - no knuckles on top and at least at one long side. They will block the right knuckle. There are also two special types of chips that do not have a pair. These are seasons and flowers. They will have to be added simply to pairs inside their type.

There will be no time to think about, only 20 minutes are allocated for one game. But you can facilitate the game if you mix all the chips when move is not available. But it's not just that. For each mix 500 points will be taken. Therefore, if it is a stroke play then it is better to play without any hints.

Control: by mouse


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