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Mahjongg Connect

Mahjongg ConnectThe fun Mahjongg Connect puzzle game will take the player into the world of classic Mahjong. Here you will also have to carefully analyse the playing field in search of identical tiles. However, the layout itself is different from the usual - that's what makes this game so special. Use all the power of your attention and observation, collect the tiles before the time runs out.

How to play?

Mahjongg Connect features 12 rounds. As you progress through the rounds, the difficulty of the rounds gradually increases. New layout options and more confusion on the field will appear in front of you. A total of 144 elements are provided. Each of them has its own image. Pictures are grouped into the following categories:

  • geometric figures;
  • symbols;
  • animal elements.

In the beginning, the game board is laid out in one layer. The arrangement of elements can change each round.


Entertainment is aimed at testing the attention and reaction speed of the player. Mahjongg Connect is time-sensitive, so do not stay long in one place. Once the time expires, the round will end in a loss. The player has two options for help:

  • hints for finding identical pieces;
  • time freeze - the timer stops for a few seconds, giving the player a head start.

The user can also pause the round by pressing the ‘Pause’ button. However, do not hope that at this point you can quietly see all the combinations. During the pause, the playing field is hidden from the screen.

Mahjongg Connect has prepared a pleasant surprise. Collect coins inside the game and buy new tiles and backgrounds in the game shop! Coins are marked on the tiles and you can also get them for completing the level quickly. Have fun and have fun in Mahjongg Connect!

Control: by mouse


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