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Mahjong Towers 2 online game

Mahjong Towers 2 online gameThis is a 3D remake of the bubble shooting game. Mahjong Towers 2 has been completely revamped. First, it is very unusual. In the classical version, the balls or bubbles are located somewhere at the top on a horizontal playing field. But in this case, multi-coloured bubbles stuck around the brick tower around the perimeter and are in the upper part.

How to play?

To remove balls, you need to use bombardment with similar balls, connecting three or more elements of the same colour. In such a way you gradually clear the building of stuck round objects. To see and understand where it is better to aim and strike, the tower can be turned left or right.

You can move the 3D tower along its axis and shoot bubbles from all sides. Are you on the side where you want to shoot the bubble? Just aim and shoot. Make combinations of 3 or more to make the bubbles burst. Otherwise, you will not see what is happening behind it. Use a fireball booster. It is a magical artefact that cleans large areas at once. The task is to get to the top of the tower, but this is a long and exciting process.

In the left lower corner you can see which ball will be next. Here you can also see when the new line will be formed. It means when all the bubbles will be gone. At the top, you will see your result. With a special fireball bubble, you can shoot whole rows at once.

Experience this reinvented classic game in a completely new dimension and an amazing Aztec atmosphere. Nevertheless, the tower in the game consists of colourful bubbles, so the process looks extremely cute and does not look like a fierce battle at all. Destroy all the bubbles. Be careful and don't miss them. Save your lives and complete 30 difficulty levels.

Control: by mouse


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