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Tower Mahjong free online game

Tower Mahjong free online gameThis online free Mahjong allows you to play in all kinds of knuckles tower layouts; this game is designed solely for them. Here you can see a huge number of varieties of towers and castles from game chips. And you have to disassemble everything.

How to play?

To win the player has to remove the knuckles in pairs sequentially. It is important that they are identical but not blocked. Otherwise, they cannot be removed. A counter is considered blocked if there is something on top of it or if both its long sides are closed by other knuckles. In this mahjong there are unique counters in the form of flowers and seasons. They need to be collected inside each species in pairs, for example, summer to winter or an orchid to a rose.

There are hints and shuffling in the game. However, they are not as simple as they seem. First, their number is limited, just three shuffling and five hints. Secondly, they take away difficulty earned points. One shuffling takes hundred points and a hint takes 50 points.

Control: by mouse


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