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Mahjong Titans FreeThe cult game Mahjong in different variations has become an integral part of popular puzzle games. It is designed for attentive and diligent users, offers to remove identical dice from the field in a limited time.

Mahjong Titans Free version attracts attention with its original design. Although all the cards and the shape of the layout is standard, but periodically on the field appears a turtle, which gives the game a unique look

How to play?

The aim and rules of the game are standard - you need to remove all the dice from the field. Mahjong Titans Free has several layers. To get to the last level, you must first remove all the top dice. The shirts of the tiles are represented by different patterns:

  • seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter;
  • plants: flowers and bamboo sticks;
  • Chinese characters;
  • geometrical figures: circles in different quantities.

Only unblocked cards can be removed from the field - they must be free on at least two sides. To remove it is enough to click on identical dice, and they automatically disappear. A total of 144 cards must be removed.

Functionality and features

Mahjong Titans Free is a classic game, but it has some features and distinctive features:

  1. No timer - there is no need to rush to finish the layout. The player has unlimited time to solve the puzzle.
  2. Hints. If you reach a dead end, you can always click on the light bulb emblem - the system will illuminate the two available cards.
  3. The tiles with seasons are different, but they can be combined with each other.
  4. Using the arrows on the keyboard, you can twist the layout in different directions.

Mahjong Titans Free is a great entertainment for those who like to solve puzzles. You can set yourself a goal and remove the dice without hints, spending a minimum of time.

Control: by mouse


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