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Mahjong Titans Deluxe online game

Mahjong Titans Deluxe online gameKnow that only patience and endurance will help you come closer to victory.

Be patient, be attentive and unhurried. Rushing in this very situation can influence the final result greatly. Before you make your next move, try to evaluate every possible option. We recommend that you relax before playing because this game was designed to relax, and not to get nervous.

How to play?

Your task is to disassemble the pyramid in no more than ten minutes, removing all 144 bricks. Since the disassembling of mahjong is carried out in pairs, that is, by removing two tiles from the pyramid at the same time, it is worth learning how to find these pairs.

Everything is simple. A pair in Mahjong Titans Deluxe is considered to be two tiles with the same pattern. There are also exceptions to this rule. The pyramid has special tiles coloured in blue and green. Various trees are depicted on these tiles. Regardless of the pattern, monochromatic tiles are considered a match. So, if you see two available green ones, then you don't have to look at the pictures. They will be a pair to each other for sure.

To remove a couple of tiles, you must first mark one tile. Just click on it and it will be highlighted. And then click on the second one. If the pair is matched correctly, then it will disappear from the pyramid. If the tile does not stand out but instead sways from side to side, then it cannot be taken now, since adjacent tiles cover it.

Mahjong Titans Deluxe has its scoring system. Their set depends on the speed of the game and the number of removed pairs per unit of time. The more points, the better. If you still have any questions, or during the game, you forgot the rules, press the button with a question mark and the game will show you the rules.

Control: by mouse


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