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Mahjong Titans Classic online game

Mahjong Titans Classic online gameIn this set, there are several groups that combine tiles with drawings of a certain theme. They are bamboos, dots, symbols, winds, dragons, flowers and seasons. Multi-tiered solitaire-type mahjong, in which this collection of tiles is used, is usually called classic.

How to play?

The goal of Mahjong Titans Classic is to completely disassemble the tile structure. Any construction is disassembled according to the same rule. You can only remove two tiles from it at once, which must have either identical patterns or in cases with seasons and colours symbols from the same group.

There is also a requirement that a game tile cannot be taken if it moves other tiles standing next to it when pulled out of the structure to the right or to the left. It is clear that the tile on top also blocks the bottom one. In other words, a tile can be taken if there is no other tile on it and next to it on the right or left side. By the way, for the convenience of the player, free tiles are highlighted, they are brighter than the rest of the tiles on the playing field.

The game at any of the levels is not limited in time. This time nothing prevents you from relaxing and enjoying the analysis of mahjong calmly, without haste. Each player determines the strategy for disassembling mahjong for himself. We will only recall the basic tactics.

Try to disassemble the structure gradually from the top and from the edges. Do not touch an open tile until it becomes the only possible move. If you are a beginner, start the game with those constructions with the least number of tiers and tiles. You can turn off any music that disturbs your concentration.

Control: by mouse


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