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Mahjong Titans 247 online gameMahjong Titans 247 - it is the most universal structure and it can be found in almost all varieties of mahjong.

As in all classic solitaire mahjong games, the pyramid can be disassembled in pairs. The pair of playing tiles can be selected after a careful analysis of the relative position of the tiles since the choice can seriously affect the further analysis of the game. These two tiles must have the same or similar pictures on them.

How to play?

Identical ones are selected from among bamboos, cardinal points, birds and symbols. Flowers are considered to be of the same type, that is, a flower can be removed together with another flower, not necessarily of the same kind. It makes the game a little bit easier to play.

Not all tiles from the pyramid can be taken at a particular stage. If the tile is sandwiched between others, in contact with them with large sides, then it should not be touched for a while. Also, you cannot take a tile if it is at least partially covered by another from the top. This element of the rules is inherent not only in Mahjong Titans HTML but also in almost all classic mahjong games. So you should definitely remember this rule.

If you focus on eliminating the tiles of the upper tiers, then, having disassembled them, you will get massive slabs of the lower layers, in which you will have to look for pairs only along the right and left edges. Because, according to the rules, the central part of the playing field cannot be touched. Get creative by selecting paired tiles between layers whenever it is possible.

Control: by mouse


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