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Mahjong Tiles online free game

Mahjong Tiles online free gameYou can play original online Mahjong Tiles for free at any time. Soft music, beautiful graphics and nothing superfluous. The essence of this game is to completely remove all the counters picking them a suitable pair.

How to play?

To pass Mahjong Tiles you need to look for knuckles that are identical to each other. In this case, they should be available for the move. That is, you could draw a line between them that would have only two turns or less. You can go beyond the limits of the playing field, which allows you to first deal with the extreme pairs. It is important to keep within the time limit, otherwise the game will be lost. However, the timer is updated after every successful move, which makes it almost infinite.

It is interesting that it is more convenient to play in the full screen, it is better to see every difference between the chips. At the beginning of the game six tips are given. They will help the player to find the pair himself. But there are very few tips.

Control: by mouse


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