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Mahjong Solitaire full screen

Mahjong Solitaire full screenMahjongg Solitaire (full screen) is an excellent opportunity to test your attention and logic. The game will make you focus on completing the task. The goal is simple: match all identical tiles and clear the board. Can you finish a round quickly? Then proudly bear the title of a pro in Mahjongg Solitaire!

How to play?

You will see a game board with 144 tiles at once. Each tile has its own image. The pictures come in several types:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Characters
  • Birds
  • Plants

No time limit

Mahjongg Solitaire does not require you to complete the round within a time limit. You have unlimited time to solve the puzzle. However, this does not stop you from competing with yourself and improving your completion speed each time.

The game has no hints. You will have to find your way out of difficult situations on your own when no selectable tiles are left. The most you can rely on is the reset level option. The game will restart the current layout with a new tile arrangement. Additionally, there is a function to turn off the sound.

Basic rules

  • You can only match and remove tiles with identical images.
  • A tile can be selected if at least one of its sides is free.
  • It is forbidden to select covered tiles.

The layout of the elements is multi-layered. The strategy is to clear the upper layers as quickly as possible. This way, the player can access more tiles and open up more options.

Mahjongg Solitaire is simple, but do not underestimate it. A poorly chosen initial strategy will lead to no selectable tiles left on the board. Be attentive, stay focused, and good luck with your game!

Control: by mouse


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