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Mahjong Quest online free gameThis is an exciting free online Mahjong Quest, which follows with the desire to completely pass it, will make you feel like a real traveler. Four sides of the world with a few simple and very complicated levels on each side. Challenge the fate and win the Mahjong!

How to play?

The whole point in this game is to get two gold tiles among other tiles and collect them in pairs. Then the solitaire will be considered passed and all not collected counters will be your additional points. Therefore, it is advantageous to do as few moves as possible. In addition, the more points will be scored, the more coins the player will receive at the end of the game.

To remove the interfering counters, you need to find a pair for them and then they disappear. But not everyone can have similar tiles on the field. These are the tiles with painted plants. They need to be combined in pairs.

The game is not so difficult, if you use the provided opportunities: a hint (total 10 hints per one game) and cancellation of the move. The latter opportunity can come in handy when after the action the player understood that he could have done better.

Control: by mouse


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