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Mahjong Panda online gameIn such a game, you can enjoy beautiful graphics and colourful gameplay. You may like the management of the Mahjong Panda game and its stylish design. At each level, you need to score a certain number of points. The more points you collect, the higher the rank of the reward. Your main task in this game is to quickly and deftly disassemble a pyramid of tiles with different patterns. The game not only adheres to all the traditions of mahjong but also has various bonuses that can be used to make the game easier. The time to complete the level is not limited, but if you want to get 3 stars, you have to hurry up. The maximum number of points is given for a series of removed tiles. The longer the streak, the more points you get. Also, as the levels are opened, new bonuses appear.

How to play?

In the process of completing tasks, you need to look for even more new adventures in each new location. Try to explore the vast land and learn a lot of interesting things. Do not be afraid to disassemble new pyramids of mahjong tiles and then you can become the owner of new achievements.

Use several different bonuses to remove even more puzzle tiles at once. In the game Mahjong Panda, you need to be smart and attentive to find ways to pass the most difficult levels. Disassemble a large number of pyramids, remove identical tiles and get a bunch of additional prizes and achievements. Thanks to the "Shuffle" function, you can get out of a difficult situation. With the help of "Fireworks", it is possible to blow up several tiles at once. Try to complete all the tasks to pass the individual categories and reach the final, where a hard level of difficulty is waiting for you.

Play Mahjong Panda and complete twenty-five levels at maximum speed to earn three stars on each of them.

Control: by mouse


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