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Play Mahjong Gardens online free game

Play Mahjong Gardens online free gameIn each tile of the free online game Mahjong Gardens a bird is languishing, which seeks to get out. And the player is obliged to help the bird and at the same time to pass the game. To do this, you just need to select a suitable pair for each knuckle.

How to play?

To implement this goal there are several rules. A knuckle can be split only when an identical pair is matched to it (with rare exceptions). But you can only remove those plates that have one of their long sides unlocked. Right or left does not matter.

However, the player will not be alone. In the rescue of birds two useful tools can greatly help him. This is "Hint" able to highlight a possible pair, and "Shuffle." The latter completely shifts the counters on the field creating new combinations.

It is noteworthy that you can use the hint indefinitely. It does not impose any penalty on the player and does not take his points. But you can shuffle the tiles only three times.

Player Tips

  • Do not often use a hint. You lose the whole interest to the game.
  • Tiles have small parts, which are different. The best solution is to play the full screen allowing you to see every dash on the knuckle.
  • Shuffle should be used only as a last resort. Otherwise, it cannot be available at the right time. Are there difficulties? Take a hint.
Control: by mouse


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