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Mahjong Firefly online game

Mahjong Firefly online gameIt is a great game where you will play mahjong with classic settings. The goal of the Mahjong Firefly game is to find 2 tiles with the same pattern. At the same time, they cannot be blocked by other elements, since you cannot connect them.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to get rid of all the game tiles on the playing field at the best possible time. Once you remove them all, you will proceed to the next level. Each of them will have some kind of a picture. You will have to carefully examine everything and find tiles with the same pictures. After that click on them with the mouse. In such a way you will remove these items from the playing field and get a certain number of points for this.

Besides, there are several special tiles. This time you will find on them the pictures of small insects - fireflies. Use their power to make your way and find tiles. For each correctly assembled pair, you will be awarded points, and the bank of fireflies will be filled. Be attentive and act quickly, as the game has a time limit. If you get them from the playing field, they will be shuffled. Be sure to consider whether you will store them for later or whether you will need them in future. How many levels can you complete before the time runs up?

How fast can you collect all the tiles in Mahjong Firefly? At each level, you will not have much time to clear the playing field. Match tiles and see what high score you can earn in this mahjong game. Pleasant design and light music contribute to complete relaxation and immersion in the gameplay. In the company with the game Mahjong Firefly, you will have a great time and get a charge of positive emotions.

Control: by mouse


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