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Mahjong Endless Dimensions 3D

Mahjong Endless Dimensions 3D

How to play?

The goal of Endless Dimensions is to collect all identical pairs of cubes and clear the playing field. The three-dimensional piece can rotate around the axis. This is necessary to examine the details of each cube more closely. Rotation is performed by two buttons on the left and right side of the screen.

In the upper part there is an information panel. It displays:

  • level number (and current difficulty);
  • number of points;
  • time timer.

There are also buttons for hints, pause and sound control. Be careful - the game takes time into account. For 30 seconds the user needs to collect all the elements on the field. As an aid, the game gives an unlimited number of hints, as well as the ability to pause.

Rules of the game

The main points:

  • only identical pieces can be selected;
  • the cube must have at least two free sides;
  • elements must not be overlapped by other layers.

Users can use their own game strategies. The most obvious one is to select tiles from the edge of the figure. The idea is to gradually clear the pieces from the edges. In this way, the player clears his way to the centre, where more elements are concentrated, and thus opportunities for combining pictures.

With each new round Endless Dimensions will gradually weigh down the figures. Stay focused and carefully clear the field, avoiding dead ends. Have a good game!

Control: by mouse


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