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Mahjong Dimensions more time online game

Mahjong Dimensions more time online gameThe entire playing field is a cube or other figure, consisting of tiles, on each face of which a drawing is depicted. Selecting two elements with the same images, the player removes them.

How to play?

The main task of the level is to completely remove the figure. You can select only those tiles that are on the outside of the figure, not clamped on several sides. For each pair of identical symbols you will get 100 points. The time to search for all pairs of tiles is limited. You will have only 6 minutes. The earlier the level is passed, the more bonuses will be credited to the game account. The total time is allocated to all levels. The main task is to pass as many levels as possible. If necessary, you can transfer the tiles to the playing field. To do this, click on the Arrows in the middle on the right side of the screen.

The game is a very unusual and at the same time a successful mixture of mahjong and Rubik's cube and will surely appeal to many puzzle lovers. Note that the game Mahjong Dimensions more time is designed in 3D. This means that you will need twice as much of your attentiveness.

The task is complicated by the strict time constraints. At the top left there is a clock showing how much times is left until the completion of the level. Try to delete the entire shape before the clock is reset. If you fail to do this, then the game will be lost and you will have to start all over again. If the passage has reached a dead end, use the shuffle button with two arrows. This will change the places of the cubes in the figure. But only one mixing is given per level, so it is better to save it as a last resort. The clock is ticking and you have very little time left! Can you match all the tiles before time runs out in this addictive 3D mahjong game? You have to show your skill!

Control: by mouse


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