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Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes online game

Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes online gameIn the Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes (triple time) you will get bonuses for the speed and for finding identical images in a row. Use special time tiles to play even longer. These tiles are the key to a long addictive game. When the time runs out, the game ends. If you love board games and mahjong in particular, then try your hand at this new version of the 3D puzzle.

How to play?

Rotate the figure by removing identical tiles. Timed tiles will extend the playing time, so try to get to them as soon as possible. After all, you can select only those tiles that are on the outside of the figure, not clamped on several sides. It is necessary to turn the figure, carefully remembering the location of different pictures, so that later you can quickly find the one you need and quickly remove it. We advise you to play in full screen. It will be easier to rotate the figure.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes (triple time) is back with a new game. Now, the time limit further fuels the excitement, and unlocking bonuses brings victory closer. The peculiarity of the game is in its dark design and the need to play quickly. Now, this process can become something much more magical and mysterious to illustrate the mentioned fragments with images emerging from dark dimensions.

Collect as many points as possible by playing timed mahjong. You will receive points for each dice connection. And the faster you can play, the higher the multiplier applied to your score. Tap one tile to select it, then tap another one with an identical image to complete the matching. You can only remove a tile if it is not blocked by others.

The controls are identical to all Mahjong 3D games. Rotate the cube by clicking on the arrows and find matches by clicking the same tiles with a free edge.

Control: by mouse


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