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Mahjong Connect Remastered

Mahjong Connect RemasteredAn improved version of Mahjongg is now available to a wider audience. The developers have improved the mechanics of the game, as well as the visuals. Players will have to fight on 12 levels with different difficulty. Try to pass all the rounds without a single mistake!

How to play?

Mahjong Connect Remastered is slightly different from the classic games of this genre. The playing field is a single-level layout of tiles. Each tile has its own image on it. The goal remains the same - to find and remove identical pairs of elements.

Layout in a line is a little confusing for the inexperienced player. The mass of tiles merge, and finding the same elements becomes more difficult. But that's the trick of the game - to try to cope with the puzzle, despite the difficulties prepared by the developers.

What else is special about Mahjong Connect Remastered:

  • the game takes into account the time of passing the round;
  • five hints are available during the game session;
  • there is a function of shuffling the remaining elements on the field.

The player can replay the round at any time. The position and layout of the tiles are changed.


The selection of elements is done in a standard way - by clicking the mouse. If two tiles match, they are automatically removed from the playing area.

Rules of the Game

  • only identical elements can be marked;
  • it is allowed to select the elements in the centre of the game board, standing next to each other;
  • tiles on the edge of the layout can be marked if the line between them forms no more than two right angles (turns).

As tiles are removed from the screen, the pillars begin to lower. This opens up more combinations for selection - take advantage of this feature. Mahjong Connect Remastered can be played by yourself or teamed with friends. Find out who is the best Mahjong collector.

Control: by mouse


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