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Mahjong Connect FreeA new and incredibly addictive version of Mahjong is already available for thousands of users! Test your logical thinking skills by collecting identical pieces. From the user will require maximum attention, because the arrangement of elements is far from usual.

How to play?

In front of the player is a field with 144 elements located on it. Each tile has its own image and somewhere hidden similar element. The task is to find all the tiles on the field. The task seems simple, but don't jump to conclusions - because of their location the tiles throw off the player's attention. Finding pairs becomes more difficult.

Mahjong Connect Free is a timed game. Each round has a limited number of minutes. Therefore, concentrate and act as carefully as possible. Did not have time to clear the field - lost the level. Other features of the game:

  • 6 hints are allotted for passing, during their use identical tiles are highlighted;
  • you can use the pause, at this point the timer is paused;
  • the function of shuffling elements is absent.

Mahjong Connect Free rewards particularly active players with points. Compete with your friends and collect more points for passing.

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Control: by mouse


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