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Mahjong Connect 6

Mahjong Connect 6Are you ready to play Mahjong Connect 6 online? This time the player’s task, as usual, is to clear up the playing field from all the mysterious tiles by matching them and finding the same pictures.

How to play?

On the first level, you can see that all the tiles are grouped into six separate squares. It can be confusing for anyone except experienced and attentive players. The tiles disappear when placed side by side horizontally or vertically. Look for identical pairs among all the tiles as quickly as possible and click on them to remove them from the playing field. You can only click on those tiles that have at least three free sides out of six. Be very attentive because some pictures may look like they are the same yet they are different. This difference may be unobvious at first sight.

Do not forget that in this version of Mahjong game you have 10 hints to use. You can find them in the right lower corner. Use a hint by clicking on the icon of a magnifying glass. But try not to waste them at first easy levels. Don’t forget that you have many levels to pass so be sure that you have a few hints left till the end of the game. It will help you to pass all the difficult levels. Use them only when you can’t see any possible moves to make. Of course, if you are a professional you can pass the levels without any help. It would be very difficult or it’s better to say impossible to complete such a complex game without any hints.

In this version, you will find 8 levels. For each removed pair of tiles, you will get a certain number of points. The level can be started over again by clicking on the button in the left lower corner. It is possible to pause the game and have a rest. But remember, while playing your time is limited. If you don't meet the deadline, you will lose the level. So be as fast as you can and watch the timer bar at the top of the screen. Enjoy the game!

Control: by mouse


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