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Mahjong Connect 3 free gameTo play free online Mahjong Connect 3 you need to have not only mindfulness. To pass each level of solitaire you will need your savvy and assiduity. You can make the game easier using hints and helpers. But the essence is still the same - independently divide counters into pairs.

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How to play?

In this game you need to connect the same counters by a line to remove them from the field. But the line has one feature it can’t be bend more than twice. Therefore, you need to consider this factor when choosing a suitable tile. It is necessary to keep within time.

Several special tools are available for player. A bomb destroys some counters during the game. Shuffling in the form of arrows completely changes the layout of the knuckles on the field. A four-ray pupil is a hint; it will show the nearest pair.

Unfortunately, not all counters are the same. If a counter is locked, you couldn’t play with it, it would just shuffle. The player couldn’t control such counters.

During the game progress the ancient totems of the gods can come across, which will help to pass the game. Each of them has a unique power. The dragon will increase the final score, the Tiger will destroy the counters on its own, the Turtle will give you some time and the Phoenix will move the move the counters with locks.

Control: by mouse


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