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Mahjong Connect 12 levels online game

Mahjong Connect 12 levels online gameFor a long time of the existence of a logic mahjong puzzle game, a large number of modifications and changes have been released on it. Some of these games turned out to be addictive and interesting, while others, on the contrary, are boring and dull. But now we will present to you the version that has always been and remains the best of all. Don't forget that in the Mahjong Connect 12 levels your time is limited. So be attentive and fast. If you do not have time to complete the level, then you will have to start the game all over again.

How to play?

There are 12 variants of structures to choose from. So this game will entertain you for a long time. It means 12 unpredictable and stunning levels. At each level, the tiles will be laid out differently. Can you pass them all? Passing the levels, you will gain points, and in the end, you will be able to set several personal records.

Gradually, the difficulty level of the game will increase, and this will lead to the increased results and strengthening of indicators. If you have difficulties, you can use a hint on the right side of the screen. Clicking on it you will see two highlighted tiles that can be matched. The hints are limitless, but try to train your brain instead of getting an easy solution. You can also reshuffle the tiles if there are no possible ways to match the tiles.

If you do everything right, then the tiles will disappear one by one until the playing field is empty. The game aims to free the playing field from the tiles. Each correct move brings you closer to victory. This game tests your attentiveness and logic. The faster you manage to clear the playing field the better. Get started now and prove that you are the best mahjong player.

Control: by mouse


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