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Mahjong Connect 1 online game

Mahjong Connect 1 online gameThis game will allow you to find peace, like a real samurai because it trains your endurance. Here you need to find pairs of identical tiles within a certain time limit. But it's not that simple.

There is a playing field on which different tiles collected in a certain structure are laid out. Your task is to remove all tiles from the playing field. To do this, the game Mahjong Connect 1 offers to remove two identical tiles, which have at least one free side, left or right. In order to complete the level, you will be given a limited time. The game consists of several interesting and incredible levels.

How to play?

The essence of the game is to remove all tiles from the playing field in pairs. They can be at completely different distances from each other. But one condition is obligatory. If you can draw a broken line between them, then it should not have more than two corners. But at the same time, the line may go beyond the limits of the playing field.

There are twelve levels in total. At the same time, each one will have its own characteristics. On some levels, the tiles will move up and on the others, they will fall down. There can be some levels where the tiles will not move at all. Don't forget that the player can use the Hint tool, but only six times. And at the same time, five points will be deducted from the account for each use. To play this wonderful game in full screen, you just need to have an observation and the desire to collect all the tiles in pairs. And everything will work out!

However, there is no need to rush. The time allotted for the game is updated with each your move. Don't waste your hints. It's better to leave them as a last resort. For each new level, only one additional hint will be given.

Control: by mouse


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