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Mahjong Classic Style online game

Mahjong Classic Style online gameIn terms of the game genre, it can be characterized as a board puzzle game. Mahjong is a very ancient logic game. The presented puzzle is a new series of Mahjong. The task of the game is to find two identical tiles.

How to play?

The rules of the game Mahjong Classic Style are very simple. On the playing field, you will see many mahjong tiles arranged in rows. You need to search among them for pairs of identical elements, click on them and remove them from the playing field to gradually clear it. The main thing is that they are not blocked by other tiles, otherwise, it will not work to build a path. For a pair of identical tiles to disappear, they must be located close to each other either horizontally or vertically, or in such a way that a straight or broken line which makes no more than two turns at right angles can be drawn between them. Moves can be made horizontally, vertically, diagonally and more. First, remove the tiles that are located next to each other, then it will be easier to make the following moves. But the task is complicated and the timer gives a player even more excitement. You need to clear the playing field before the time runs out. Otherwise, the game will be lost.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple and clear, and after some practice, playing Mahjong Classic Style online, you will love this game. Do not forget that at any time you can use the hint which will show you one of the currently available pairs of identical elements. But their number is limited. The time to complete each level is limited as well, so think faster. There are 12 levels in the game, and each next one will be slightly more difficult than the previous one. It is not an easy task to complete them all, but this game perfectly develops attentiveness and visual memory.

Control: by mouse


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