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Mahjong Chain free online game on full screen

Mahjong Chain free online game on full screen Pretty and pretty light Mahjong Chain invites to visit all the newcomers of this game and even children. Here in front of the player is a rectangular box, completely closed with chips with different symbols. For a limited time, which is displayed at the bottom of the game space, you need to completely clear the field of these numerous cards.

How to play?

Mahjong Chain is an oriental puzzle game in the tradition of the classic mahjong board game. Take the blocks off the board and win each level of the game.

The game has 12 levels in total. Each of them has a different difficulty and additional challenges.

The goal of the puzzle is to remove all the blocks from the board. To do this, click on pairs of blocks with the same image. The tiles are arranged in several rows, so not all of them are active and open for selection.

You need to click on elements that are adjacent and have one common side or can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles. Depending on the difficulty of the level, the blocks can move down, left or right after each move.

Each pair of blocks brings 10 points to the score. Win the game and set records on each level.

Options and hints

The game time is limited by a timer that looks like a scale. As soon as it reaches the end, the game is over. The player gets extra time by completing successful moves as quickly as possible. This way the scale will be filled.

Use the hints if you need help. Click on the magnifying glass image and follow the tiles on the screen. A pair of blocks for the next move will be highlighted. If there are no more moves available, you can start the game over by clicking the arrow button.

Control: by mouse


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