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Mahjong Chain 2 online game

Mahjong Chain 2 online gameThe presented tiles with various hieroglyphs and other pictures will fill almost the entire playing field. Start to find the identical elements among them, moving from the edges to the centre to win the Mahjong Chain 2 game.

How to play?

Click on paired tiles and if there are no obstacles in the form of other elements between them and they will disappear. Clear the playing field completely and then you can start the next level and improve your skills

Cute and easy mahjong invites all beginners to play this game. There is a rectangular playing field completely covered by tiles with various symbols. For the limited time that you can track at the bottom of the playing field, it is necessary to completely clear the playing field of these many tiles.

They are removed only if two identical tiles are selected with the mouse. They must either situated next to each other or can be connected with a line in which no more than two refractions are obtained. Tiles that do not meet these conditions will not be available for selection and can be removed later. In place of the tiles that were missing at the bottom, those that were higher are moved. So the original alignment is constantly changing. At any time, you can use the hints that will indicate the tiles suitable for choosing.

12 unique levels are available to play in this traditional version of everyone's favourite board game. There are 6 hints and 6 shuffles which you can use while playing this amazing game.

Mahjong Chain 2 will appeal to almost all mahjong lovers. If you consider that the game has been redesigned for a more simplified version, you can offer this entertainment even to small users. The changes also affected the graphics, which is good news.

Control: by mouse


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