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Mahjong Butterfly 3 online game

Mahjong Butterfly 3 online gameThe Mahjong Butterfly 3 is an amazing logic puzzle game that will require not only your concentration, but will also delight you with a pleasant design and music. It is colorful variation of connect-style mahjong, with colored butterflies from all over the world. The game has nice graphics, where numerous bright colors will delight your eye.

Mahjong Butterfly 3 game is fun and addicting. A new variation of mahjong will appeal to any person who adores nature. It will suit both boys and girls.

How to play?

So, what do you have to do? Everything is very simple at first glance. Just find the same wings of the butterflies and click on them with the mouse. They will unite and turn into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly will fly away and will be grateful to you. It is not so hard to find two halves of one butterfly, animate them with a click and free these cute creatures. Make sure the wings are situated nearby or they can be connected by a line without obstacles in the form of other wings. But hurry up, because your time is limited. You will have only 160 seconds to match all the butterflies and pass the level. In difficult situations, you can one of the 6 hints which will highlight the possible pair of matching wings. Or you can shuffle all the tiles on the playing field. But only 6 times per level.

Mahjong Butterfly 3 is more intellectual game, so playing it, you can not only have fun, but also spend your free time with great benefit.

Gradually, your task will become easier. However, after moving to the next level, you will notice that there are more pictures, so it will be a little bit more difficult to find the matching ones. To pass each level, you have to apply your mindfulness and memory. This is the only way you can pass all the intended tests and cope with the tricky tasks.

Control: by mouse


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