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Mahjong Blue online gameThe main goal of Mahjong Blue game is to destroy the tiles form which the pyramid is made. The features of this version include the possibility of a full-screen game and the absence of a time limit. Besides, there is a shuffle button that will randomly shuffle the tiles on the playing field if there are no possible moves. If necessary, you can remove sound and music if they interfere with your focusing on the gameplay.

Playing Mahjong Blue, you can significantly develop your attentiveness and memory, as well as learn to calculate your actions in advance and predict future results. In the Mahjong Blue puzzle game the most important layout is a pyramid that resembles a shape of a turtle. It is the main playing layout and it is used in almost all types of this puzzle.

How to play?

You can match the tiles only if there are identical images on them. There is no possible blocking from above, and at least one of the lateral sides must be open. If a tile with an image is visible, but covered by others, it cannot be moved. The main thing in this game is to remove two identical elements until there are no elements left on the playing field. When you play Mahjong Blue, you will see how the available elements are highlighted when you click on them. If this does not happen, then they are not available and you cannot match them and remove from the playing field.

The game boasts a large number of levels, which have an individual design, which will allow players to choose the option they like best. Those blocks that have an identical image are subject to merging. Also, you can connect those that have any of the sides free and, at the same time, they do not have tiles on top. Start your adventure in the world of searching and making the right choice right now!

Control: by mouse


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