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Mahjong Blossom online game

Mahjong Blossom online gameFind pairs of tiles with the same symbol and remove them until you clear the entire playing field. Complete the level as quickly as possible to earn a gold star and prove your insight and skill. All seasons are considered the same symbol, the same goes for flowers. The faster you pass a level, the more points you get. This classic mahjong version with a beautiful flower theme offers 150 levels with 3 difficulty levels so you can choose the one that suits you.

How to play?

Start playing Mahjong Blossom on an easy difficulty level and look for matching tiles. Try to clear the playing field as quickly as possible to get as many stars as possible at the end of the game. Before playing check if the path between the two tiles has more than 3 lines and two 90-degree angles. Try to earn gold stars in all levels of the Mahjong Blossom game.

Test yourself and try to complete all levels of this colourful mahjong game with beautiful design. Clear the playing field by finding tiles with the same symbols. What could be better than your favourite interesting game? Playing this mahjong, time goes by quickly, problems disappear and only good vibes. Mahjong Blossom is fascinating, develops your logical thinking and evokes positive emotions.

Playing Mahjong Blossom is a great way to unite the whole family for a fun pastime. After all, such entertainment will not require a long study and special skills from you to get the whole variety of pleasant impressions from passing entertaining levels and receiving well-deserved awards.

Control: by mouse


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