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Mahjong Alchemy free online game

Mahjong Alchemy free online gamePlay online Mahjong Alchemy for free and feel like a real magician. You just need to be able to distinguish one icon from another. But only a real alchemist can quickly and correctly pass it.

How to play?

To score as many points as possible is necessary to fold the same chips in pairs very quickly during the game. Only the same chips can make a double chip and disappear from the field with some exceptions. For example, chips with color patterns are collected separately depending on the color of the tile. Moreover, any hindrance should be neither on the long side nor on the top of the selected chips.

The player has not to wait for any help. Any help for real magicians, they solve their problems themselves. Therefore, there is not a single clue here. But even if there are no more moves the game is not over. The player will not have a rest until the allotted time runs out.

Control: by mouse


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