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Kris Mahjong 3 free game

Kris Mahjong 3 free gameKris Mahjong is free online fun which is suitable both for young children and adults! It is designed very colorful and merrily, but at the same time not very bulky. Eyes will not get tired from details. In this solitaire it is important to collect the correct pairs from the given chips on the field.

How to play?

It is very easy to make pairs. It is only necessary to have a free space between two chips that would allow them to be joined by a line that does not bend more than two times or to make them adjoined. But it is important to keep within the time because it is limited, although it is added with every correct step.

The player will have to rely only on himself. Though, if someone is happy in the background when another pair of knuckles disappears from the field but for sure he is not going to help you. No hints here. Therefore it is important to find all pairs very quickly in order to move to the next level. At each new level the chips will move differently; first they will go up and down to the edges of the field. Further is only worse.

Control: by mouse


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