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Gorillas Tiles of Unexpected

Gorillas Tiles of UnexpectedFans of the band Gorillaz can now not only listen to their favourite music, but also solve a thematic puzzle. The game has a unique design, and the gameplay is a bit reminiscent of classic Mahjong.

How to play?

Although the game is often compared to Mahjong, the common here is minimal. The only similarity is the goal of the game - to clear the field of cards. The gameplay takes place in this sequence:

  1. Remove identical cards located next to each other. They can be two or more.
  2. If you remove all the layers at once (there are two of them in the game), then the top rows go down.
  3. When identical cards become next to each other, it creates a combo effect, resulting in bonuses.
  4. Bombs are needed to remove cards when there are no moves left. Therefore, it is better to create as many combo effects as possible.
  5. You can only remove one card at a time with a bomb.

The images on the cards are related to the band Gorillaz - avatars of the members, other elements: anchor, mill, guitar and others. Graphics and atmosphere make the puzzle game unique and recognisable.

Features of the game

You can recognise Gorillaz Tiles of Unexpected by the following parameters:

  • Band symbolism - this creates a unique atmosphere for players.
  • Gameplay - the mechanics of the game is partially borrowed from Mahjong, which greatly simplifies the process of passing.
  • Difficulty - the puzzle has three levels, each of which is more difficult than the previous one.
  • Hint - as soon as there are no paired cards left on the field, a bomb automatically appears on the screen.

In the game there is an accrual of points, so you can run one layout several times to reach the record on points. The musical accompaniment only adds to the atmosphere of the game.

Control: by mouse


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