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Free Online Mahjong Full Screen Free Online Mahjong is based on the rules of Classic Mahjong.

This is a game of attention. The user has to find and remove all identical tiles from the game board. It seems simple, but there is a catch – all the tiles are laid out in a single layer. They visually blend together, thus making the task more difficult for the player. Test your attention too. Launch Free Online Mahjong and develop your concentration skills!

How to play?

This game should be considered a trainer. The principle is simple: the player is presented with a board of tiles, each of which needs to find a pair. All elements are arranged in a single layer. Therefore, you don't have to think about how to quickly get to the bottom tiles – everything is in sight.

The only thing Free Online Mahjong (Full Screen) requires is concentration. A multitude of tiles arranged consecutively is very distracting. This is the trick of the game, as the user needs to focus and find all the elements.

The game does not track the user's time. However, there is a system timer at the top of the screen. The countdown starts as soon as the level is launched. The timer can be used to monitor your progress or, for example, during competitions with friends.


The rules are extremely simplified:

  • you can only select tiles with identical images;
  • it is allowed to use elements with blocked sides (e.g., a tile in the center).

There are no hints in the game. The player needs to rely solely on their attention and logic. The elements are scattered randomly across the field, all of which must have a pair.

Free Online Mahjong (Full Screen) is great entertainment for all categories of users. It is both simple and exciting. In this format, the game is an ideal trainer for attention. Develop your concentration skills for more challenging Mahjong puzzles.

Control: by mouse


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