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Free Mahjong Con

Free Mahjong Con One of the popular variants of standard Mahjong is Free Mahjong Con, it's a completely free version of the game with classic rules.

Train your brain at home or during your break. The puzzle game is created for those who like to solve non-standard riddles. Can you collect all the tiles without using a single clue? Then safely call yourself a master of Mahjong!

How to play?

To complete the round the player needs to collect all identical tiles. Each of them has its own image. There are several types of them:

  • dots;
  • symbols;
  • bamboo;
  • wind;
  • seasons;
  • flowers;
  • dragons.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the user will have to carefully analyse each picture. The slightest differences, and the game will not count the choice of element. Mahjong Con takes into account the time. This additionally complicates the passage of rounds. You must act not only logically, but also quickly.

In total, more than 10 levels are provided. The game gradually increases the difficulty, so get ready - Free Mahjong Con will do everything to drive you to a dead end.

The rules are simple

  • Only identical elements can be selected and removed;
  • At least one side of a tile horizontally must be free;
  • It is forbidden to select elements that are covered by other elements.

It is necessary to start from the edges and the centre of the figure. If at any stage the player is stuck, he is available five hints.

Similar entertainment

Free Mahjong Con is represented by a large number of variants of this game. Among them:

Choose your own variant of the game! You can play Mahjong by yourself or have a competition with your friends.

Control: by mouse


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