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Free Classic Mahjong online game

Free Classic Mahjong online gameFree Classic Mahjong game will plunge you into the world of logic and attentiveness, as you need to find tiles with the same images in a short time and remove them from the playing field. When all the tiles are removed, the level is considered completed. Enjoy the ancient board game Free Classic Mahjong on any device. Simplicity and originality is the main advantage of this classic online mahjong.

How to play?

Your goal is to clear the playing field by matching identical tiles. This Mahjong game has 2 breathtaking game modes, beautiful graphics and 300 unique levels that will keep you playing for hours. Choose Mahjong Challenge Mode and you will play against the clock. Try to finish all levels with a 3-star rating in this puzzle game. Stars are earned for completing a level. Pass each level within a specified time and try not to use hints. If needed you can find them in the left lower corner of the screen. Don’t waste your hints, because you have only 3 of them per level. Also, you can find there an additional option to reshuffle the tiles. There are 3 of them as well.

The tiles are attached not only from the sides but also from above. The lower tiers cannot affect the upper ones. The tile surrounded by the lower tiles is not blocked for selection. If you want even more challenges, you can turn off the option to highlight free tiles on the playing field in the settings. If you prefer a more relaxed way of playing mahjong games, just select Zen Mahjong Mode and play at your own comfortable pace. No matter what playstyle you prefer, Free Classic Mahjong will keep you entertained for hours and at the same time serve as a digital wellness tool for your mind and soul.

You can also choose tiles and background design as well as preferable pleasant relaxing music in oriental style. So, turn on your creativity and make this game perfect for you.

Control: by mouse


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