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Flash Mahjong freeIn this beautiful free online Flash Mahjong you have to act not like a great logic but as an animal savior. Lovely animals suffer without a couple and only the player will be able to help everyone find his destiny. The other task is providing friends for cars.

How to play?

Mahjong assumes the availability of diligence and mindfulness. It is necessary to find a pair for each tile with an image. It is necessary that both counters were not blocked. That is, there were nothing on a long side (or both sides at once) as well as on the top. And you need to keep within the given time. That is, only 20 minutes.

It often happens that it is impossible to find a pair for a successful move. Unfortunately, they are rarely positioned as convenient for the player. Therefore, using the Shuffle button on the top you can mix them creating new combinations. However, this will cost 500 game points.

Control: by mouse


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