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Farm Connect 3 Mahjong

Farm Connect 3 MahjongNot only children but adults as well will enjoy playing a free online Farm Connect 3 Mahjong. Bright pictures, juicy fruits on chips and beautiful design are the ideal companions for good Mahjong. You just need to find a pair for each fruit on the field.

How to play?

It is important to choose the right pair for each fruit, nut or mushroom. To do this, you have to draw a line between the supposed chips, if it does not meet obstacles in its path and bends only twice then it will be possible to remove these two knuckles. No other way.

It's worth hurry because time is limited. It is important to have time to scatter knuckles in pairs before it ends. The player can use a hint if he does not want to waste time on complex periods; the player has six hints per game and after passing levels the hints will be added. There are nine hints in all including the initial one. Try an equally fun and interesting game Farm Connect 2 - for free on our website!

Control: by mouse


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