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Dream Pet Link Mahjong

Dream Pet Link MahjongPlaying free online Dream Pet Link Mahjong, you can feel like the savior of unfortunate animals, birds and fish without a pair. And we need to help them choosing the same pair for each creature.

How to play?

The essence of the game is to completely clear the field of tiles with small animals picking up a pair for each of them and sending for a happy walk through the forest. To do this, we need to draw a line between the prospective partners. If it bends more than two times than the animals will lost on the road, so you cannot do this. You have to find pairs for all the creatures before the end of time.

If the player himself cannot find a suitable image, in this case a hint can help him. In total, you can use six hints. But carefully, after the victory you will receive just one hint and the number of levels is nine.

Time can be restored a little if you remove a few pairs of tiles from the field very quickly. This will help to think about the next move a little longer.

Control: by mouse


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