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Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutesThe game Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes is a 3D version of the well-known Mahjong puzzle game. In this game, as you can understand from its name, you will have only 15 minutes to look for identical unblocked tiles with images on them. As usual, your task is to match the tiles to remove them from the playing field. Everything is more interesting in this version of the game than in the ordinary mahjong.

How to play?

In the centre of the playing field, there is a cube consisting of tiles. Each element has a picture on it. Learn to distinguish them from each other. To see everything clearly, try to play the game in full screen.

The tiles are not two-dimensional, but three-dimensional. The cube can be rotated so you can see all its side faces. The structure will be changed on each level. To do this, click on the arrows at the bottom left and right. Look for not blocked cubes with an open edge among the elements. Elements laying deep in the cube will become available as you progress.

First, slowly rotate the cube to understand how the tiles are placed and find those with the same pictures on them. Notice the elements that are on the edges of the cube. They are not blocked and you can easily match them and remove them from the structure. If you succeed in this, you automatically receive a bonus on the next move. Don't forget that you can always reshuffle your tiles.

Pay attention to the cubes at the top right. They display the items you clicked on. This is a very convenient option because while rotating the cube it is always visible to which element you need to find a matching pair. The top image is the first item.

This online game will captivate your attention with its exquisite design and amazing strategy. The puzzle has a lot of new unusual details. The game Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes will take you to a completely new dimension.

Control: by mouse


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