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Mahjong Connect free online game

Mahjong Connect free online gameTo play for free online Mahjong Connect means not just to develop mindfulness and perseverance. This game will help to find peace like a real samurai, because it trains endurance. Here it is necessary to find pairs of identical knuckles for a certain time limit. But not everything is so simple.

How to play?

The essence of the game is to remove all the knuckles the playing field in pairs. They can be at very different distances from each other. But one condition is necessary if you draw a broken line between them, it should not have more than two angles. But the line can go beyond the limits of the playing field.

In total there are twelve levels. In this case, each level will have its own peculiarities - somewhere the knuckles will move upwards, somewhere - fall down, and somewhere not move at all. It is noteworthy that a player can use the tool "Hint", but only six times. And at the same time for each use of the hint five points will be withdrawn.

To play this wonderful game in full screen, it's enough just to have the observation and the desire to collect all the knuckles in pairs. And everything will turn out!

Control: by mouse


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