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Classic Mahjong Free Games

Classic Mahjong Free GamesFree Classic Mahjong is a versatile game variant that will interest all puzzle lovers. The goal is to free the field from the tiles, using hints.

There is no timer with countdown, but there is a clock in the corner, where the total time spent on the layout is displayed.

How to play?

Classic Mahjong Free Games is represented by 662 layouts, which are divided into categories. These are:

  • animals and plants;
  • pyramids and zodiac signs;
  • geometric shapes and architectural structures.

The images on the cards are standard, represented by Chinese characters, colours and geometric shapes. To pass the layouts you need to connect two cards. The only condition is that the dice must be available (open on at least two sides).

If you need to get away from the layout, you can pause it. The system also offers hints - just click on the icon with a light bulb. Each layout offers 144 cards, shows the number of available moves. This greatly simplifies the process of passing the game.

Mahjong features

The Free Classic Mahjong game offers to enjoy an exciting gameplay and helps to relax after a hard day's work. Each user will be able to find the right layout format for himself, which greatly increases interest in the puzzle.

Despite the lack of a timer, the system accrues points. As a result, you can compare scores and play the layout even better.

Developing strategies will help to pass the puzzle for the minimum number of moves. This will help to train attention, memory and logical thinking. You can pass the layout by yourself or with a group of friends.

Control: by mouse


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