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Christmas Mahjong free online game

Christmas Mahjong free online gameIn this free Christmas Mahjong you can play online not only in one mode but in several at once. Usual game or arcade it's up to you. The first is the simple levels passing in turn with their own complexities and conditions. And the arcade will allow you to calculate how many levels in a row you can get through without losing. That is the competition with yourself.

How to play?

To win you need to collect pairs of chips with Christmas attributes in such a way that you can draw a line between two chips which will not rotate more than two times. Certain conditions will be given for each game - the number of tools and the allotted time which will depend on the complexity of the level.

For each game there are three assistant instruments "Bomb" which will destroy several chips on the field; "Magnifying glass" that shows possible pairs of knuckles; "Arrow", it will allow you to swap around all the tiles on the field. Their number will vary depending on the complexity. But if you do not use them at the previous level they will not pass to the new one.

Control: by mouse


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